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    Per the Fire Marshal, all burn permits are ACTIVE

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    Person listed on form in the boxes below must be 18 years of age or older and will be responsible for the Burn Permit and ensuring adherence to the regulations.

  3. Enter the physical address of the location (ex: 123 Main Street)
  4. Permit will be valid for 1 day after Start date listed on permit and will automatically expire after the 1 day period.
  5. The International Fire Code, adopted by the City Council of the City of Bonner Springs, Kansas, by Ordinance states the following regulations:
  6. 1. 1. Permits are required for all open burning. Burning will not be authorized for any purpose other than yard maintenance, except by special permission from the Fire Chief or his designate. Applicants for burning permits must be in legal control of the property on which the burning is to be done. (Reference: Section 307.2)
  7. 2. All burning shall take place during daylight hour’s 7:00 AM start all fires out by 7:00 pm or sunset whichever comes first. Fires cannot be left smoldering.
  8. 3. Open burning must be done at a distance of more than 50 feet from any building , structure or other combustible waste matter. (Reference: Section 307.4)
  9. 4. A garden hose and water supply or other fire extinguishing equipment must be available at the site of the fire and a competent person must be in attendance until all fire has been extinguished.
  10. 5. Waste matter shall not be burned, under permit or otherwise.
  11. 6. No fire shall be allowed to spread to the land of another person.
  12. 7. In addition, the following guidelines shall be adhered to:
  13. a. Limbs larger than 2 inches in diameter shall not be burned.
  14. b. Piles of brush to be burned shall not be larger than 10'L x 10'W x 8' H.
  15. c. Burning shall not be done on windy days. Look up wind speed in your area. A person shall not burn during periods when surface wind speed is less than 5 mph or more than 15 mph.
  16. d. Burning shall not be done when the smoke will obscure vision on a public street or road, nor shall burning be permitted on a public street.
  17. e. Only grass, leaves, twigs, and small limbs may be burned. The burning of rubbish, construction debris, or similar materials is prohibited.
  18. f. On ground fire pits require a burn permit. Fire pits restricted to 3 foot diameter in size, and only 2 feet tall when wood is stacked. Fire pits shall not be constructed on a combustible material deck, and shall not be within 25 feet of a structure.
  19. g. Purchased outdoors fire places, above ground type do not require a burn permit. These are not allowed within 15 feet of a structure. These are not to be used for yard clean up burning. A competent person must be in attendance until all fire has been extinguished
  20. portable fire places
  21. 8. Open Burning shall not occur during unfavorable meteorological conditions, such as high winds or air stagnation, as declared by the Division of Air Quality or when an unhealthy sky cast has been issued. Burning is not allowed on days that have been declared a “ORANGE ALERT DAY”. The Fire Department cannot issue burn permits on an orange alert day due to the air quality. If a permit has been issued that occurs on a Orange Alert Day, the issued burn permit would be null and void. Permits may be revoked by the Fire Chief when atmospheric or local conditions make such open burning hazardous or when the conditions of the permit have been violated.
  22. Construction Projects- At no time shall construction or demolition materials be burned.
  23. Land Clearing Operations - The burning of land clearing debris is limited to naturally occurring organic vegetation generated on site providing that a permitted open pit air curtain destructor of suitable design and capacity is used to accomplish the burning, and further providing that such device is installed, maintained and operated at maximum efficiency. The air curtain destructor must be permitted and inspected by the Department of Air Quality (913-573-6700) before commencing operation. A copy of permit is to be given and signed off by the local fire department.
  24. I have read and agree to abide by the conditions of this permit as cited herein.*
  25. By typing your name above and clicking the SUBMIT AND PRINT button, you agree the information you are providing is accurate and you acknowledge you have read, understand, and will abide by the regulations cited herein. **You must have a copy of this burn permit at the location you are burning.
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