Consumer Information

Protect Our Water Sources

Protecting the Environment is good for everyone. Remember that the storm drains in your areas ultimately flow to the Kansas River and protecting our Streams,Rivers and Lakes are vital to our Quality of Life. During the fall months, it is important to protect our environment by using proper procedures when dealing with all of those fallen leaves.

Raking leaves into the street or the stormwater system is illegal (See City Policy under Section 11-406 of the City Ordinances – it is illegal to deposit leaves into the street.
Raking Leaves

All leaves should be bagged and disposed of properly. Burn permits may be obtained for leaves; please see permit requirements on the Fire Department page of this website.

Please do not rake or blow your leaves from your yard into the street. Leaves become a slippery mess that can cause localized flooding and pedestrian, bicycle and motor vehicle accidents.

Rotting leaves diminish the life span of the asphalt underneath them.

Please keep fallen leaves  out of the channel along the curb, where they block the path of rainwater. Rake them at least one foot from the curb.