General Requirements for Decks

The information provided includes general requirements which should be considered as part of a project to construct, repair, or replace a deck. This should not be considered as a complete list of code requirements.


All excavations must be inspected prior to placement of concrete (footings or pier holes). A. separate framing (rough-in) inspection is required if the underfloor framing and connections cannot be easily inspected during the final inspection. A final inspection is required after all work is complete. Inspections can be requested by contacting the Codes Department at (913) 667-1710 Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Plans & Permits

A building permit is required to construct or replace a deck. A site plan drawn to scale showing the location of the deck and setbacks from property lines and a construction plan showing the columns, beams and joist sizes, spacing and connections is required to be submitted for review and approval with the permits application.


Zoning  R-S R-1
R-1A R-2
R-3 A-1
Side Yard Setback 10' 7.5' or 10' 7.5 ' or 10' 10' 10' 15'
Rear Yard Setback 25' 25' 25' 25' 25' 40'