Building Codes & Permits

Building and construction activities in Bonner Springs are required to meet a variety of building, fire / safety, zoning, flood and other regulations. These regulations guide the type / manner of construction, the use of buildings / land and the overall quality of the community. Prior to conducting any building, demolition, excavation / fill / grading, utility or construction activity please check with City Hall to see if a permit is required.

Determine If You Need a Permit

To determine if you need a permit for your project you should call City Hall at (913) 667-1710. Be prepared to provide information about your project such as: the location of the property; the type of work you will be doing (fence, deck, house, driveway, commercial building, grading, etc.); if you plan on extending utilities to the project; etc.

If it is determined that a permit is needed you will need to complete and submit a Permit Application with supporting information and plans for review prior to the issuance of a permit. It is our goal to complete the application review process as quickly as possible, but the initial review may take up to 10 business days depending on the complexity of the project and the volume of applications being reviewed.

Please plan your project with this timeline in mind. The review may take longer if plan revisions or additional information is required.

You should not start your project until after your application has received approval and a permit has been issued. Once the project begins it is subject to various inspections and approvals prior to completion of the project.