Meter Upgrade Fee Information

Meter Setter Upgrade Fee

  • This fee has been established for property owners that have not had water service for more than six (6) months and based on the Utilities-Off permit inspection, it has been determined that the meter setter did not meet current City requirements.
  • The fee is based on the cost of materials and labor to install a new meter setter. Bonner Springs Utilities will perform the work at the location, if a new building permit is not required or issued.
  • If a new building permit is obtained by the property owner, the owner/builder/contractor will be responsible for the installation, not the materials, and must be inspected by the Utility Department after the installation. Normal Contractor Inspection Procedures must be followed.
  • This fee is being collected from property owners that have not been contributing to the cost of providing water service by means of the monthly service fee or water purchases, and the meter pit has been determined to be substandard.
  • Meter Setter Upgrade Fee may be adjusted as needed in the future to cover the cost of materials and labor. Please contact City Hall for current rate.
  • This fee will be collected by the Utility Billing Department located at City Hall.
  • Water Service may be started prior to the Upgrade Process after payment of the Meter Upgrade Fee and Water Service Connection Fee has been paid. The Utilities Department will schedule the work based on the current workload status.
  • The Meter Upgrade Fee has been approved by City Council on July 28, 2008.
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