Daycares & Camps

Due to Capacity Limits we are not allowing outside Daycares or Camps into the facility. 

Here is some helpful information to make it a smooth and easy process:

  • Every Daycare/Group must fill out the Daycare/Camp form prior to arrival date. Forms can be submitted at the Bonner Springs Community Center (200 East 3rd Street) or email 
  • You must have the form filled out along with a roster of each participant (both children and adults). 
  • Please see a manger before entering the facility, they will help guide your group to where you will be placed. 

Important Information:

  • We ask there to be at least one adult per 10 children that has knowledge of the rules,  will help enforce those rules with our lifeguards, and actively watch their children.
  • Any child that is still in diapers must have a "Swim Diaper" along with a swim suit coverage. This is to protect patrons if any fecal contamination were to happen.
  • Proper swimsuit attire must be worn at all times. Jeans, cutoffs, colored t-shirts or other swimsuits determined inappropriate by management will not be permitted. Shirts are not encouraged to be worn in the water. Material not made to be used in the water can get caught in the filter system and cause it to break and/or malfunction. Color, string, denim, etc can easily get caught in the filter and can affect water chemistry.
  • When arriving please have a count of all children and have a BSAP employee measure all children who would like to ride down the slides.
  • Food may NOT be brought into the aquatic park. If you brought food, you must leave them in the car or parking lot. You may go out to the parking lot once properly stamped and come back in if needed.
  • If inclement weather or unplanned event issues, 30 minutes prior to your arrival we will contact you letting you know of any delayed openings. Reasons that may arise creating a cancellation is as follows but are not limited to: Temperatures below 70 degrees, heavy storms with lightning and potentially dangerous weather moving into the area or a storm with lightning develops as the rental is in session.
Please contact Staff at 913.422.7011 for additional questions!