Rules & Regulations


  1. Minimum age for admission without a responsible adult is ten (10) years of age. All individuals must be accompanied by an adult (15 and older) if nine (9) years or younger.
  2. All individuals entering the aquatic facility must pay the applicable fee, including supervising adults; all individuals who enter BSAP are under our care, which is why this rule is in place.
  3. All individuals must be properly attired in bathing suits as required by health regulations.
  4. Patrons with open wounds, diarrhea, infection, and any communicable disease are not permitted in the water area.
  5. Patrons under the influence of controlled substances, including drugs and alcohol, and/or who demonstrates behavior that is detrimental to the operations of the facility and the safety of others, will not be admitted.
  6. Coolers, jugs, and/or food MAY NOT be brought into the facility. Every patron is allowed one plastic water bottle filled with only water.

Aquatic Park Rules

This is not a complete list of rules and regulations. More specific rules are listed throughout the facility. Management reserves the right to review, change, and establish rules as deemed necessary.

  1. Neither the City of Bonner Springs nor the Bonner Springs Aquatic Park is responsible for the loss of personal belongings.
  2. Conduct, which may result in injury, is not permitted. This includes running, rough play; intentional splashing and personal conduct endangering safety of self and others (sitting on shoulders, hanging on back, throwing/flipping, flips off the side, etc).
  3. Aquatics Supervisor and management on duty have the right to close the pool down for inclement weather and other unforeseen circumstances.
  4. No climbing or hanging on the equipment.
  5. Proper swimsuit attire must be worn at all times. Jeans, cutoffs, thongs, colored t-shirts or other swimsuits determined inappropriate by management will not be permitted. Shirts are not encouraged to be worn in the water. Material not made to be used in the water can get caught in the filter system and cause it to break and/or malfunction. Color, string, denim, etc can easily get caught in the filter and can affect water chemistry.
  6. Incontinent persons, Infants and babies not potty-trained are required to wear a swim diaper, which are available for purchase at the entrance. Diapers must be changed at the diaper changing stations in the locker rooms or restrooms ONLY. Swim diapers ONLY, no cloth diapers. Swimsuits are required to be worn over the swim diaper. See the Cryptosporidium section in this manual for more information.
  7. Only US coastguard (USCG) approved personal flotation devices (PFDs) may be worn, Types I,II,III,V. No other PFDs will be permitted. (Examples: noodles, rings, rafts, arm floaties/wings, etc.) Adults must be within arms reach of children wearing flotation devices.
  8. Pool toys are allowed in the zero-depth area, with the exception of torpedoes, hard diving sticks, beach balls, rafts, noodles etc. Hard toys can pose a heightened risk of injury and air-filled toys pose a heightened risk to weak swimmers when used as PFDs (ex. Falling off or getting trapped underneath).
  9. Smoking or the use of tobacco is ONLY permitted in the designated area outside of the aquatic facility.
  10. Abusive and profane language is prohibited
  11. The outside temperature must be 70 degrees minimum to open the facility.
  12. When silhouettes, mannequins or other training devices are in use. Please do not disturb.
  13. Anyone swimmer 12 & under, or considered weaker swimmers must pass a Deep Water Swim Test before using the diving boards. (Consists of a 15 second tread and swimming the length of the pool unassisted)

Low Dive

  1. Any diver age 12 or under must past the Deep Water Swim Test before using the low dive board.
  2. One person at a time on the diving board. Divers must wait on the ground until the first diver is in the water. Once the first diver has exited the water, then the second diver may proceed.
  3. Walk to the end of the board and only one bounce.
  4. No swinging on the rails.
  5. Only divers are allowed in the diving well.
  6. Divers must be able to swim to the ladder by themselves; please use the nearest ladder to exit the diving well; do not use the wall.
  7. No goggles (suctions cups), toys, or other items are allowed in the diving well.
  8. Divers must perform safe jumps and dives off of the board.

High Dive

  1. Any diver age 12 or under must past the Deep Water Swim Test before using the high dive board.
  2. One person at a time on the diving board. Divers must wait on the ground until the first diver going up the ladder is in the water. Once the first diver has gone off, the second diver waiting may start to go up the ladder. The second diver must wait to jump off until the first diver has exited the water.
  3. Once a person has gone up the ladder and onto the board they must go off the board. If they have an issue, they must call for help and have a lifeguard, or any manager help them down.
  4. Walk, not run to the end of the board and only bounce once.
  5. Divers must be able to swim to the ladder by themselves using the nearest ladder to exit.
  6. No goggle, toys, or other items are allowed in the diving well.
  7. The diver must perform safe jumps and dives off of the board.


  1. No grasping or hanging on the rim, and no rough play.
  2. Players must be in the water to participate.
  3. No throwing the ball from across the pool. Ball must remain in the basketball area.


  1. Riders must be 48” to ride. No exceptions. Participants will be measured prior to riding. Per the manufacturer. The threat of disorientation after entering the water is the reasoning behind this rule. The catch pool is 42”, which means someone 48” is more likely to recover after disorientation than someone under this height, given the depth of the catch pool.
  2. The lifeguard will issue the signal when the rider may start the ride.
  3. Maximum rider weight is 300 pounds. Per the manufacturer.
  4. Swimwear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, sunglasses and jewelry are not permitted. These pieces can scratch the slide; get caught in the joints or fall in the water. Per the manufacturer.
  5. Riders must exit the splash pool immediately. Red slide exit at the stairs, yellow slide exit at the ladder. Participants need to be able to swim to the exit and recover by themselves.
  6. Must ride feet first, sitting or lying on the back.
  7. Do not run, dive, stand, kneel, rotate, or stop on the slide. Keep arms and legs inside the flume at all times.
  8. No shirt, shoes, goggles, life jackets, toys or other items are allowed on the slides.

Zero Depth and Play Units

  1. Play units reserved for youth nine (9) years and younger.
  2. Remain seated on the floatables. No standing, jumping or diving.
  3. No pushing or pulling others off the floatables.
  4. There will be no running or playing tag in this area.
  5. Anyone abusing this area as a family-friendly area will be asked to leave.


  1. You may bring your own lock to put on a locker. Please remove at the end of the day. All locks remaining at the end of the day will be cut.
  2. Please do not hang on or slam locker doors.
  3. Please do not loiter or play near the locker area.
  4. The city of Bonner Springs and/or staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Concession Stand

  1. Please do not block the entrance to the concession stand.
  2. Please place all trash in the proper containers.
  3. No loitering in the concession area.


  1. No loitering in the breezeway.