Co-Rec Rules

200 EAST 3RD STREET; BONNER SPRINGS, KS 66012; 913-422-3404

Updated: January 2019


1. Each team participating in the BSP&R Recreational Volleyball League must turn in a complete roster of players prior to the beginning of the league, or matches may be forfeited.
2. Any player participating in the adult leagues must be sixteen (16) years of age.
3. All league teams shall be composed of six (6) players. A team must start and finish a game with at least two players (one male and one female) or forfeit each game until that team can fulfill their two proper players.
4. There must be an equal number of males to females on the court (there may be more females than males) during play unless approved by the opposing team.
5. A female must hit the ball during a volley before the ball goes over the net; only if there is more than one player trying to return the ball.
6. A player may participate on one team only, unless approved by the opposing team.
7. No jewelry of any kind will be allowed to wear during any time a player is on the court, unless it is a medical bracelet or indicator.
8. Players must wear a non-marking, clean pair of shoes to participate.

In the Recreational League players may substitute only during dead ball situations and must notify the opposing team of their substitution. The limit for substitutions in one game is eighteen (18).

1. Ten minutes past game time is forfeit time. One point will be awarded to the team that is present for every minute that the other team is absent.
2. A $20 league fee will be assessed for each game that is forfeited by each team unless the BSP&R Recreation Coordinator is notified within 24 hours of game time.

1. Each team begins with two (2) 30-second time-outs per game. Six per match.
2. Timeouts can be used in any amount only during a dead ball or possession situation.

1. Teams will volley for first service.
2. Rally scoring will be used for all games.
3. A game is completed when a team scores a total of twenty-five (25) points or has played for twenty (20) minutes, whichever occurs first.
4. The winning team must have at least a two point advantage. If a team is not two points ahead when twenty-five points have been scored or after twenty minutes of playing time, play continues until one team is two points ahead. Three such games are played and all games count for each teams' overall record.

1. A game ball will be supplied by the BSP&R for game time. The ball can be picked up at the front desk.
2. No libero will be used in BSP&R leagues.
3. If there is a disagreement over net play, playing the ball, or a spike and this cannot be resolved by a majority rule, then the serve shall be replayed.
4. A volleyball that enters an adjacent court from another court during “live” play shall STOP all play immediately on the court that the volleyball enters. A replay or reserve shall be ruled for the court that the volleyball enters.
5. PARENTS – Please keep your children off of the volleyball courts and out of the way during play for their safety as well as the players’ safety. Please keep strollers off of the courts during play. Children may play in the Multipurpose Room under parental supervision if it is not rented for the evening. If a child accidentally interferes with play, a reserve or replay may be ruled for that particular court.
6. The home team must record their game and match scores, receive signatures from both team captains on the score sheet, and turn this into the Front Desk Supervisor at the conclusion of their match. Protests over game scores must be expressed on the game score sheets and the protesting team should not sign the score sheet.
7. Regular season champions will be decided by overall records. Tie-breaker will be head to head followed by total points allowed followed by total points scored depending on time constraints surrounding the league.
8. Team fees are $80 per team and need to be paid at the time of registration.
9. Shirts will be presented to the overall league tournament champions. Maximum of 12 shirts will be given.

The BSP&R will have a representative at the front desk of the Community Center who will be in control of the court and use of the facility. Problems should be addressed to this individual and resolved on site in a cooperative manner.

1. The BSP&R has the right to hear any rule complaints, roster challenges, and change any rules throughout the season.
2. Authority of the Front Desk Supervisor – Decisions based on the judgment of the Front Desk Supervisor is final and not subject to protest. The Front Desk Supervisor shall contact the Recreation Coordinator with all protest situations deemed necessary.
3. Interpretation of the Rules – Protest with interpretations of the rules must be brought to the attention of the Front Desk Supervisor immediately following the game after the protested action occurred.
4. The captain or assigned captain of the protesting team may be the only one to bring the protest to the attention of the Front Desk Supervisor.
5. The time of the protest is recorded by the Front Desk Supervisor and the protest is resolved immediately based on the Front Desk Supervisor’s judgment or consultation with the Recreation Coordinator.
6. In the instance when a protest is approved, the game will be continued from the recorded time and score or considered a forfeit by the team under protest.

1. Service – A serve can be performed either underhand or overhand
2. Let Serve – When a served ball contacts the net and rolls over onto the opposing teams’ court, this ball is considered “live” and playable.
3. Defensive Spiking of the Serve – This is not allowed in all BSP&R leagues (point awarded).
4. Contact of Ball with the Body – A legal contact with the ball occurs when the ball is contacted with any part of the body on or above the waist.
5. Simultaneous Contacts with the Body – The ball can contact any number of parts of the body down to and including the waist, providing such contacts are simultaneous and that the ball rebounds immediately and cleanly after such contact.
6. Simultaneous Contacts by Two Team Players – Constitutes one (1) hit.
7. Simultaneous Contacts by Two Opposing Players – Constitutes a joust (ruled as a block for both teams).
8. Double Contact – A player contacting the ball more than once with whatever part of the body, without any other player having touched it between these contacts, will be considered as having committed a double hit (point awarded).
9. Held Ball – When the ball visibly comes to rest momentarily in the hands or arms of a player, it is considered as having been held. The ball must be hit in such a manner that it rebounds cleanly after contact with a player. Scooping, lifting, pushing, or carrying the ball is considered a form of holding. A ball clearly hit with one or both hands from a position below the ball is considered a good contact.
10. Attacking Over Opponent’s Court – A player is not allowed to attack the ball on the opposite side of the net. If the ball is hit above the spiker’s side of the net and then the follow through causes the spiker’s hand and arm to cross the net without contacting an opponent, such action does not constitute a fault.
11. Legal Contacts – All teams have three (3) contacts of the ball per play; the third hit must volley the ball to the opponent’s side. At least one (1) of three (3) hits must be made by a female player.
12. Overhead Obstructions – A ball that contacts the gym ceiling, a vertical backboard, or a heating unit shall be considered live and playable on the contacting team’s side of the court/net, if the ball lands or contact’s an overhead structure on the opposing team’s court, this contact is illegal and a point is awarded.

1. Player Contact With Net – If a player’s action causes the player to contact the net during play, whether accidentally or not, with any part of the player’s body (except hair) or uniform, that player shall be charged with a fault. If the ball is driven into the net with such force that it causes contact with an opposing player, such contact shall not be considered a fault.
2. Crossing the Center Line – Contacting the opponent’s playing area with any part of the body except the feet is considered a fault. Touching the opponent’s area with a foot or feet is not a fault providing that some part of the encroaching foot or feet remain on or above the center line and does not interfere with the play of an opponent.

A spiked ball must be clearly hit with one hand. For a spike to be a clearly spiked ball, the ball must be in front of the spiker.

The BSP&R Co-Rec Volleyball Leagues are organized mainly to provide a wholesome active recreational sport for all participants. Rowdiness, profanity, or any other gestures of poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. We request your cooperation and support. Violations of any of the above regulations can result in forfeit of games or suspension of players or teams. For unsportsmanlike conduct by any member of a team (including all players, coaches, managers, fans, or substitutes) the Front Desk Supervisor may penalize that team by awarding a point(s), disqualifying a team member from further competition in the game or match, or eject a team member from the premises, according to the Front Desk Supervisor’s judgment as to the degree of unsportsmanlike behavior. These regulations are considered accepted by any team requesting entrance into any BSP&R leagues.