Interments (Burial)

  • The family or funeral home must obtain from the City Clerk's Department a permit to open a grave. The family or funeral home must provide: the deceased's name, age, gender, date of death, place of death, cause of death, date of interment, number of lot or part of lot on which interment is to be made.
  • All interments and disinterments are performed under the supervision of the sexton after payment of the proper fee.
  • No interment of any body other than a human being is permitted in the cemetery.
  • No interment will be performed on Sundays or legal holidays.
  • Notice of and arrangement of interments are made through the City Clerk's Department preferable twenty-four hours prior to the date scheduled for the burial.
  • All caskets shall be enclosed in a vault, constructed of concrete or metal. It is the responsibility of the funeral home to arrange for the vault to be at the cemetery and to make arrangements for the tent and chairs to be delivered and set up.