Low Pressure System (Grinder Pumps)

In some subdivisions of the City, the wastewater is pumped from your home by a Grinder Pump Unit (GPU). The reason for the use of grinder pumps in these areas is due to the flat topography of the area that prohibit the use of typical gravity sanitary sewers. These areas are serviced by a low-pressure sanitary sewer (LPSS) system that is maintained by the Utilities Department. The City of Bonner Springs Utilities Department provides for the maintenance of residential GPUs (installed prior to 2008), but the Homeowner has certain responsibilities regarding maintenance and use of their GPU. The information provided below is provided to inform property owners of the proper use of the GPU.

(Note: The City of Bonner Springs does not provide maintenance for GPUs installed at commercial facilities)

The following items should not be put down the drain or otherwise introduced into the GPU:
  • Grease, sand, grit, (cat litter, aquarium gravel), paint, drywall material or petroleum products
  • Glass or Metal or Plastic objects (toys, utensils, etc…)
  • Diapers, wet wipes, socks, rags or cloth
  • Explosives, Flammable materials, Strong chemicals or liquids (Gasoline)
  • Any source of ground water or rain water (sump pump)

Excessive flows can overload the GPU pumping capability and will cause the alarm to sound. Stop running water immediately if the alarm sounds. If the alarm silences on its own and the warning light is not lit, the pump is running which could indicate that excessive flows created a high water condition within the pump chamber. If the alarm continues to sound, then a malfunction of the pump may have occurred. If you experience alarm conditions during low or normal water use situations, then consider the alarm as a possible pump malfunction condition.

In the event of a GPU malfunction, a red warning light will activate and an audible alarm will sound on the LPSS control box located on the outside of your house. If you experience a pump malfunction, please contact the phone numbers listed below. Please determine the location of your control box. You can silence the audible alarm by pressing the reset button located on the bottom of the control box. The red warning light will need to be reset by an authorized service technician. In all cases, if the alarm is activated, you should try to eliminate any water discharge until the situation is resolved. The GPU does have some amount of storage capacity, and some small discharges of water may not be a problem, but a water backup will occur if water is continually discharged when the GPU is in alarm state.

If you have a water backup condition, within your house and the grinder pump alarm is not in an alarm state, you may have a clogged sewer line to the grinder pump. The Homeowner is responsible for the sewer line to the GPU. If the need arises to have your service line cleaned, please inform the service contractor that you have a grinder pump and identify its location. It is the property owner’s responsibility to inform any service personnel of the existence and location of the grinder pump. The property owner shall be responsible for any costs arising from a service call due to problems not related to normal usage as described above, backups caused by internal plumbing to the GPU, excessive water use, drainage or standing water issues and incorrect or insufficient power supply.

You are advised to minimize water usage for the duration of a power outage. The pump will activate automatically when power is restored. Never, under any circumstance, should you try to repair or modify any part of the pump system.

If you have any concerns regarding your GPU operation or believe you have a possible malfunction condition and it is not an emergency, please call the Utilities Department during normal business hours (M-F 7:00 am - 3:00 pm). The GPU contractor for the City will respond to emergency after-hour requests. If you do experience an actual alarm condition past 10:00 pm, the contractor will call you prior to responding on-site to see if the situation can wait until the morning hours.