Tall Grass & Weeds

Violation Information

Violation notices for tall grass and weeds 12 inches or more in height are sent once per calendar year. Upon notification, the city allows 10 days to correct the violation. If the property is not mowed by the deadline, the city schedules a mowing contractor to conduct the work and assesses the cost to the property owner. Grass and weeds must be mowed and maintained throughout the growing season.


Agriculturally zoned properties are exempt from the requirement of removing grass / weeds on the entire property except for a minimum 30 foot area surrounding the residential structure and the street right of ways adjacent to the property. However, noxious weeds must be controlled on the entire property.

Zoned Undeveloped Property

Undeveloped property of five acres or less, zoned residential, office, commercial or industrial, but listed as an agricultural use with the county is not exempt from the weed ordinance requirements. Undeveloped property greater than five acres, zoned residential, office, commercial or industrial is required to be mowed a distance of 30 feet from adjacent streets and other developed properties.