Property Maintenance Code


The Property Maintenance Code regulates environmental, health and safety issues for residential and business property. Adhering to these guidelines improves the appearance of individual property and neighborhoods, which helps to prevent blighting conditions in all areas of the city.

Basic Property Maintenance Guidelines

  • Keep property mowed, maintained, and free from accumulation of junk, trash, and debris
  • Keep sidewalks maintained and cleared of grass, weeds, snow, ice, or obstructions
  • Park vehicles on hard surfaced areas, such as driveways or streets
  • Perform routine maintenance on all structures, including sheds, fences, and walls
  • Post visible address on home and business building fronts adjacent to the street. Use non-reflective, contrasting colored numbers at least four inches in height. Proper addressing is necessary to assist emergency personnel

Process for Code Compliance

  • Complaints submitted by city residents and property owners are investigated by the ECEO during weekly inspections
  • If a property violation is observed, a written notice is sent to the property owner and/or tenant to inform them of the violation and the requirements to bring the property back into compliance
  • If a violation is not abated, a notice to appear in Municipal Court will be issued.
  • If found guilty of a violation, the property owner and/or tenant may be fined up to $500, 30 days in jail, or both for each and every day the violation exists
  • Voluntary compliance remains the ultimate goal