Water Conservation


Water conservation is gaining popularity as municipalities struggle with growing demands for water usage. For some people, water conservation does not seem to be a necessary inconvenience. They look around their communities and see rivers and lakes. They see communities dealing with flooding. They turn on the tap and get all the water they can use. What they don’t see is how their use of water now could affect the availability and cost of water in the future. Acting today, even minor steps, can help create lasting solutions to a looming water crisis.

As stewards of the environment, every day choices can provide the impact that is felt in generations. Just as one drop of water can create a flood, one choice to conserve can prevent the water shortage of tomorrow.

Water conservation requires a community effort if it is to be successful. Residents need to be aware of how they use water just as businesses need to be aware of their water usage. The city needs to provide the public with the tools and information necessary to make informed choices regarding water usage.