Annual Street Repair Program


The City of Bonner Springs operates a Smart Infrastructure Maintenance Program utilizing a "Pavement Condition Index" (PCI) to manage its roads efficiently. It includes a systematic survey, data collection, and ways to prioritize maintenance. Here's how it works:

  • Survey and Data Collection: Regular surveys are conducted using advanced technologies to collect data on pavement distress.
  • Condition Assessment: Severity of distress is evaluated, and a PCI score from 0 to 100 measures pavement health.
  • Database Management: A centralized database houses present and historical data for trend analysis and long-term planning.
  • Analysis and Reporting: Reports and visualizations provide insights into the city's pavement network.
  • Ranking and Decision-Making: PCI scores help prioritize road maintenance projects, considering factors like traffic volume and economic significance.
  • Lifecycle Planning: The PCI program helps in proactive pavement management, enabling long-term planning, forecasting, and budgeting
  • Public Engagement: Cities may include residents in reporting issues and decision-making, increasing collaboration.

An effective PCI program helps a city manage its resources efficiently, extend the life of their roads, and improve the quality of service to residents.