Court Policies & Regulations

Amendment Process

You may request to have your traffic violations with a scheduled fine amount changed to a non-moving violation. If you are interested in an amendment to keep your traffic violation from going on your driving record or insurance please see our policy and complete the application process.

Appearing in Court

Please bring all information that pertains to your case when coming to court. This may include proof of insurance, your valid driver’s license, proof of driver’s license address change, proof of class completion, or other information.

 A few simple rules to keep in mind:
  • Please turn off all cell phones or other electronic devices.
  • Please sit quietly while waiting for your case to be called.


The Judge does not hear evidence about the case at an arraignment.
At arraignment, you will have the opportunity to enter a plea for the violation(s) you are charged with. You may enter one of three plea options:

  • Guilty – You admit to having committed the violation(s) you are charged with. The judge will order a fine, jail time, or other sentence. 
  • No Contest – You do not contest the city’s charge(s). The Judge will enter a verdict of guilty and order a fine, jail time, or other sentence. 
  • Not Guilty – You deny guilt, which means the city must prove you committed the violation(s) as charged. Your case will be set for trial on a future trial docket. 

For traffic violations with a scheduled fine amount, you may enter a plea of Guilty or No Contest and pay the fine through the mail, online, or in the court clerk’s office prior to your arraignment date.

The court clerks may grant one continuance from the first arraignment court date. Requests for a  continuance must be received 24 hours prior to your scheduled arraignment date and time. Continuance requests may be done in person at the court clerks office or by phone.