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The City of Bonner Springs Department of Fire-EMS, led by Chief Tim Richards, delivers the services necessary to minimize the loss of life and property. We are an all-hazard agency that responds to; Fire, Rescue, Wildland, Haz-mat, Natural Disasters as well as providing Paramedic-Advanced Life Support ambulance services. The department takes a proactive role to reduce risk within our community through inspections, investigations, and public education.
 As of January 15th 2022 the department transitioned to a staffed model ending its incredible volunteer heritage dating back to 1903. This was a necessary transition as our city continues to rapidly expand both in volume and complexity.

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Daily staffing is comprised of a crew of 4 responders assigned to suppression, and 2 assigned to medic transport. This model helps us ensure Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) capability around the clock. Additionally, all personnel are cross trained in both Fire and EMS to best meet our city's dynamic and growing needs. The administrative staff includes a Fire Chief (transitioning and hiring to paid/full-time in 2023) and a Deputy Fire Chief / EMS Service Director. Our shift staffing is made up from a combination of approximately 55 Full-Time and Part-Time (FTE) employees to meet schedule needs. Each of our 3-shfts is led by a full-time shift Captain. 


The Department operates on a rotating schedule of 3 shifts following a “Berkley” schedule. This means our career firefighters will be on duty for 24hrs at a time, every other day, for 5-days After the 5 day ‘tour’ is completed they will be off for 96hrs (4 days). Then the schedule repeats. On average, a full-time fire will spend 2912hrs at the station on shift per year. The 24hr rotating shift schedule is the most cost-effective arrangement to ensure 24hr coverage without greatly expanding staffing and operational costs.

Additionally, we make use of a large Part-Time pool of fire fighters to help fill additional positions and needs. Full Time Equivalency (FTE) position will typically sign up for either 12 or 24hr shifts.  Our FTE staff are fully qualified Fire / EMS personnel and work as equivalent piers within our system.  Many of our FTE personnel are career fire fighters at any of the larger metro agencies in the region. This program allows us to capitalize on incredible experience, while managing some of the overhead costs associated with expanding our career staffing. We have also partnered with local schools and colleges to further supplement our staffing with interns and provide ride time opportunities.


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