City Clerk

Primary Areas of Responsibility

The primary responsibilities of the city clerk include:

Records Custodian: Custodian of all official City records and public documents.

City Council Support: Prepare and review ordinances, resolutions, agreements, agendas, and other documents for City Council consideration; attend work sessions and City Council meetings; oversee or prepare accurate minutes for public record.

Customer Service: Answer questions from the public and help address concerns

Licenses: Administer issuance and maintenance of certain licenses and permits. 

Cemetery: Maintain cemetery records and assists in long range planning and operations of the cemetery; manage cemetery sales and schedule burials; arrange and process monument inspections and permits; coordinate Memorial Day Ceremony.

Elections: Certify City special election questions to the election commissioner; oversees voter registration, communication and notifications for candidate filing for City Elections; certify special election questions to the Election Commissioner.

Public Transportation: Supervise Tiblow Transit transportation service