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Police "Nulli Secundus"
Police Car
William "Billy" Naff
Chief of Police

Angela Harris
Police Department Clerk

130 N. Nettleton Ave
P.O. Box 376
Bonner Springs, Kansas  66012

Admin (913) 422-7800
Fax (913) 422-1395
Dispatch (913) 596-3000

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 6:00 pm

The mission of the Bonner Springs Police Department is to protect and serve the public, thereby enhancing their quality of life by providing the highest quality and most professional police services, performed with honor and integrity and in accordance with the values of our organization.


As a member of the Bonner Springs Police Department, I will adhere to the following  core values:

  • I will display physical courage in the execution of my duties and in the confrontation of criminals and criminal activity.


  • I will display moral courage by always doing the right thing and ensuring that I and those around me adhere to the highest ethical standards to include informing the highest level of the chain of command when necessary to ensure these standards are maintained.


  • I will obey and enforce the laws of the City, State and Nation in a responsible, fair and equitable manner.


  • I will use good and reasonable judgment in the execution of my duties by always keeping in mind my mission and values.


  • I will treat the public, my fellow officers and employees with courtesy, civility, respect and dignity.


  • I will be a team player and put the needs of the community above my own in the execution of my duties.


  • I will perform my duties in a responsive and effective manner and always to the best of my abilities.


  • I shall conduct myself both personally and professionally in a manner that is beyond ethical reproach and reflects the integrity of police professionals.