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World Toilet Day
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World Toilet Day is a campaign to motivate, educate and mobilize people around the world on the issues of sanitation.  Did you know that more people in the world have a mobile phone than have access to proper toilets or latrines?  Of the world’s seven billion people, six billion have mobile phones, however, only 4.5 billion have access to toilets or latrines.  That means, 2.5 billion people (about 1 out of 3 people), mostly in rural areas do not have proper sanitation.

Lack of access to sanitation impacts a person’s health, dignity and safety.  Every year, thousands of people die from diseases related to poor sanitation and hygiene.  Providing access to basic toilets decreases disease twice as much as access to clean drinking water though toilet building receives a mere fraction of the funding for clean drinking water.

2016’s theme is “Toilets and Jobs”.  The focus of the campaign is how sanitation, or the lack of it, can impact livelihoods.  Toilets play a crucial role in creating a strong economy.  They also improve health and impact people’s safety and dignity, especially women’s and girls’.  Lack of toilets at work and at home has a severe impact upon businesses.  This creates, within the workforce, poor health, absenteeism, attrition, reduced concentration, exhaustion and decreased productivity.

Let’s use this day to raise awareness – Join the global movement and be a part of the solution.

World Toilet Day

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