Water Rates and Fees

General Information
A $75 security deposit is required before utility service is connected. If a new resident has a good payment history with another utility company with which the new resident has had service for the past 12 months, the City will accept a letter of credit from that utility company. Water is billed at a usage rate of $6.43 per 1,000 gallons of usage within city limits. Outside city limits usage rate is $9.65 per 1,000 gallons of usage. Monthly meter service fees are based on meter size and does not include any water usage.
Service Fees  
All Customers
Security Deposit
Connect Fee $25
Connect Fee After Hours $75
Termination Warning Notice Delivery $15
Re-connect Fee $45
Re-connect Fee after hours, weekends or holidays $95
Meter Inspection Request $25
Meter Upgrade Fee* $450
Meter Removal Fee** $50
*The meter upgrade fee of $450 is charged when service has been off for 6 months or longer and the meter is substandard.

**The meter removal fee of $50 is charged when a meter is removed due to tampering by the customer.
Monthly Meter Service Fees
Effective 4/1/2018
City Limits
City Limits
5/8" Meter $17.26 $25.89
1" Meter $19.12    
2" Meter $39.08 $58.62
3" Meter $79.77     
4" Meter $126.36 $189.54
6" Meter $252.11     
8" Meter $429.61 $644.42