Citizen Complaints

The mission of the Bonner Springs Police Department is to protect and serve the public, thereby enhancing their quality of life by providing the highest quality and most professional police services, performed with honor and integrity and in accordance with the values of our organization.

As a rule, complaints regarding law enforcement operations will be handled through the chain of command. Complaints involving how police service is provided or a failure to provide service or improper attitudes or behavior will normally be investigated and handled by a supervisor designated by the Chief of Police.

Complaints alleging improper police conduct, brutality or misconduct involving several personnel or supervisory personnel, will be handled as an internal affairs matter and will be investigated at the direction of the Chief of Police. An outside agency may be requested to assist and complete an investigation.

Complaints can be made in person, by phone or by filling out the Citizen Complaint Form. If you have any questions, contact Chief Billy Naff at (913) 422-7800.